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Born in Casablanca, Morocco,  Evelyne came to Australia speaking only French, but soon mastered the English language. At home, her father spoke French, her mother spoke German (intermingled with some Yiddish), and Evelyne spoke English, so there was a constant mishmash of languages.


Her mother was born in Poland but lived in Vienna, and her father was born in Hungary but lived in France before the War. Her father fought in the Maquis, joined the British Army from Morocco, but remained more French than the French!


Evelyne's schooling was in Sydney. She gained a BA (Hons) in French and English Literature, continuing her studies at the University of Sydney with post-graduate work in semiotics and literary analysis, and English theatre.


Actively involved in various youth groups in the local community, she met (and later married) Joseph Weltlinger. Joseph became a doctor. and is unfortunately now deceased.


Her teaching career spanned 30 years, mainly in senior English and French, and she also led departments in top private schools. 

Evelyne has two sons - Daniel and Alex. Daniel is an accomplished violinist, living in Berlin and touring Europe and Australia. Alex is a recognised photographer, specialising in art photography and portraits.


Her interests include classical music, jazz, opera, world music, art, Oriental antiques, theatre, cinema, reading, and travelling.


Evelyne has always had a love for music.


Her father played violin, and she grew up in a home filled with classical music. She learned piano and sang in youth groups.


Wanting desperately to study singing at the Conservatorium, Evelyne was to be offered a scholarship. However, her parents felt that university was more appropriate, so she reluctantly agreed.  "I always vowed, from that time on," Evelyne explains, "that if ever I had a talented child, I would never stop him or her from studying music!"


At home and as a young parent, Evelyne continued to sing, making up her own tunes, and listening to jazz and opera. She counts Ella Fitzgerald, Piaf, Dalida, Joan Sutherland, and Maria Callas as her favourite singers.


Later, influenced by German Yiddish singer Karsten Troyke, Evelyne began writing lyrics in French and English to Yiddish songs. This became her new passion.


In 2007, she joined a music group in the Blue Mountains and a local choir, and began singing solo in various venues from 2012.


Evelyne has enjoyed performing to various audiences, a mix of Yiddish melodies, French and English classics, jazz, as well as her original compositions.  


She has been widely received at various Jewish organisations and venues: Montefiore Homes in Randwick, Hunter’s Hill and Rose Bay, the COA, The Burger Centre, Jewish Care, the Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, and the MDA Women’s Concert.


Furthermore, she has performed at Short+Sweet, and at Camelot in Marrickville, with son Daniel and various bands.


Overseas appearances, in concert with Karsten Troyke and Daniel Weltlinger, include:

  • Weimar, “Summer Weimar Yiddish” conference

  • Carwitz, the Hans Fallada Gesellschaft (Hans Fallada Group)

  • Zigzag Club in Berlin (well-known jazz venue)

  • Mainz, “Kulturage Musikalischer Abend mit jiddischen Lieder” (cultural and musical evening with Yiddish songs)

  • Balhaus, Berlin - Yiddish Summer School festival, with students as chorus

  • Charité sur la Loire, France - with André Fischmann and Daniel

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