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T H E  A L B U M


Music has always been an integral part of me, and singing is the most natural expression of who I am. At home, where there was constant music, we always mixed languages - French (my first language), German, English and a “bissele” Yiddish. 


For this CD, entitled “Songs of my Heart”, I’ve chosen pieces which are special to me - either because of their personal or textual significance or because I love their melodies. Yiddish Liede (songs) predominate, and to many of these, I’ve written French and English lyrics. 

Actually, “Dus Gezang fin mein Hartz”  - “The Song of my Heart” was the first Yiddish chanson I fell in love with, from Karsten Troyke’s most wonderful recordings. And I felt such a connection with this song, that I had to add my own interpretative lyrics. This began my musical journey in 2006,  and hence, the title of this album.  


These Yiddish melodies form an important link to the past and bring out the importance of tradition, love, and the will to survive. Even in the darkest circumstances, the songs embody the meaning of “Chai” - life and demonstrate both the need to create beauty, and the essence of the Jewish “neshumah”- soul.


I love interpreting this wonderful music, and my lyrics aim to capture the essence of the songs, their atmosphere and themes. From jazzy pieces to more soulful ones, the songs always have a story and evoke such universal feelings. They and their history must never be forgotten.


I have also included some well-known standards, which I love and have sung for so long, as well as some songs that I’ve written at various stages of my life, and in all of these, there is a natural mishmash of languages - because, that is me.


Musically, I have been influenced by my father, who loved to play his violin ( preferably with an aperitif at hand), and specialised in classical music, jazz standards and French music. June Moore, my sweet friend, who set up the little musical meetings in the Blue Mountains, was a great encouragement. And also, Karsten Troyke, from Berlin, has been instrumental, not only in my learning of Yiddish music but in inspiring and encouraging me to sing and to record. He is the producer of this CD and also plays a fine guitar. I am so grateful to them. And I am also very grateful to Trio Scho for their splendid backing, to my dear friend Jens-Peter Kruse, for his wonderful guitar backing, as well as to my two talented sons -  Daniel, for his beautiful violin additions, and Alex, for his lovely photos.

So, I do hope you enjoy “ Evelyne - Songs of my Heart”,’ as a celebration of my coming out as a singer.


MUSICIANS who feature on the album - Karsten Troyke (guitar, voice); Daniel Weltlinger (violin, voice); Jens Kruse “El Aleman” (guitar; Trio Scho -group too, accordion, guitar or violin, bass.


 …So, I guess you could say that I’m now a teacher/singer/songwriter/lyricist. 


Karsten Troyke, Evelyne, and Daniel relaxing in Weimar (2016)

Evelyne Weltlinger

On stage with Karsten Troyke, Weimar, Germany (2016)

Performing in Mainz, Germany (2017)

 French and English lyrics by Evelyne Weltlinger.

“ My complete delight to meet and hear this wonderful performer, and I am so moved by her singing, her dedication to these wonderful songs. On this recording is her brilliant violinist son, Daniel Weltlinger, who plays, so wonderfully, and totally skilled with Evelyne's musical renditions here on this, oh do lovely recording. You will get so much pleasure from this recording. It is just pure musical joy.”

-Bruce Cale

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